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Training Management Software for Cycling Coaches

How does it work?

Plan your season

Create a training plan by defining season goals, training objectives and key races.

Track Progress

Log workouts and race results to keep track of everything you've done.

Analyze Results

Find out what the weak points in your training are so you can improve them.

CyclingPlanner Features


Annual Training Plan

CyclingPlanner helps you set up a 52 week training plan. It defines season goals and training objectives. It also divides the year into training periods and attaches target training hours to each week.

These targets and goals are used to track how well you are doing throughout the season.

Training Dashboard

The dashboard shows an overview of your progress. It shows your progress for the current week as well as past and upcoming workouts/events.

Its goal is to show you in one screen all the information you need to see how you are doing compared to your training plan.


Workout and event calendar

The calender is used to plan upcoming workouts and events. It also shows your workout and event history.


CyclingPlanner sends weekly reports with statistics and charts that tell you exactly how well you've done.

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